Betonlook Floorsystems - specialist in liquid synthetic flooring

Betonlook invites you to an exciting journey beyond the boundaries of possibilities... Betonlook creates and develops brands such as: Betonlook, Eyecatcher, Marmerstone, Stonedesign and X-Factor. The result is a stimulating design collection for all who prefer an unconventional, trendy floor.

Liquid synthetic flooring system and design

The fascinating designs are well adjusted to the ongoing trend of personal design. Colors which mix fluently? A trendy floor with sparkling glitters? Or a fairytale room with an image of Snowwhite embedded in the floor? Our extensive collection of floors meets the most diverse individual requirements, also yours. We look forward to advise you about color, structure and floor type.

Betonlook is the basis for the decoration of residences, offices and buildings. In our photo gallery, we give you a preview of the endless possibilities. But for the real thing you should visit our exciting showroom. Here, we take you through a mysterious tunnel with neon light as your guide. You will see and feel a sequence of sensational and challenging floors. See for yourself and get inspired.