Fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui is choosing for Betonlook

"Eyecatcher" floor, showpiece in Amsterdam

You really have to see this floor! It's a beautiful silver Eyecatcher floor in an exclusive boutique from the prominent fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui on the Keizersgracht 84 in Amsterdam.

The last period Aziz Bekkaoui is insistently holding the limelight. Recently he introduced his new collection in the presence of Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima. He earlier caught much attention, with the designing of the "Lonsdale-burke". He has also won the Amsterdam Price of Arts. In March last year, Aziz attracted the attention with a live performance in the "Ridderzaal" in The Hague, in honour of the fiftieth birthday of the Treaty of Rome.  This performance was attended by Queen Beatrix and the members of parliament out of all the EU countries. Formerly, he also booked a lot of success during men fashion in Paris and he very often designed for stage, opera- and dance performances. You could admire his creations in various museums in the inland and abroad, such as Guggenheim in New York. With his creations Aziz is looking for the meaning of fashion and how it can influence the identity of the man, who is wearing it. In his opinion, fashion is like a second skin, which reflects the identity of its bearer. But, at the same time, it is a protective coating, which cannot be making public.

Type Eyecatcher
The applied floor "Eyecatcher" is a complete new one. This magic glimmering floor has won the hearts of the architects in a short time. The customer, however, lets this wonderful, sparkling floor very often shine in his home. Eyecatcher is a synthetic mould floor with an exclusive glow. The special glitters are mixed with the basic raw material, which is directly put on the subsoil. By the way, the subsoil has to be flat and shape. The application of these floors will only last four days.