Ferrari is signing an agreement for top design floors from Breda

Betonlook is chosen, because they deliver the best quality worldwide.

The Italian leading brand Ferrari never researched the making of a choice to install luxury design floors in their well-known showrooms. It is an absolute top performance from the Breda Company, Betonlook that this firm is chosen from the fourteen competitors all over the world. She has grounded her name with that worldwide. The Breda glamour floors will show off this famous Italian brand in every showroom. Actually, you can only dream about it.
"Now we'll really belong to the World," says an obvious emotional Ivo Panis, managing director of Betonlook out of Italy, where he has just signed a contract with the Board of Directors of one of the greatest cars in the world, Ferrari, for looking after design floors in two hundred showrooms from this Italian car.
The Italian leading brand, Ferrari, is giving a certain magic to her showrooms by choosing Betonlook. The very high qualified design floors from Betonlook will shine in two hundred showrooms soon. This is a success for the Breda Company. She showed her heels with that to the leading companies all over the world.

A forward motion
Real entrepreneurs rise in a period of crisis. Instead of making a retreating movement in her radiation, they are making a step forward, now. It is an extra step to distinguish them even better from the rest. They can even profile in a shrinking car market.
A leading brand in cars will continue her success and knows how important presentations of their showrooms are. But also the quality and the class of their exclusive cars alone will achieve their right in a super design environment. That's why, the Ferrari Board of Directors is setting high to give the showrooms an extra radiation and with that they reveal their cars for the foot in a special way.

Ferrari was looking all over the world for an adequate partner, who could add extra design to their showrooms and who could offer more value to the presentation of their cars. After many investigations and tests it turned out that Betonlook was the best.
The Breda Company left with that, those great international players in special design floors behind. Ferrari chose Betonlook, because the company is well-known for her high qualified and sparkling floors, on which you can walk amazingly and on which you can put a sparkling attraction into practice. It's the magic about synthetic mould floors that Betonlook brings onto the market in an almost tingling atmosphere. These are floors, which appeal to the Board of Directors from Ferrari's imagination. "Who wouldn't be glad with that?" This is a grand success as companies from this level and after so much research and so many comparative tests of products all over the world choose for you. That is a tremendous performance. We qualify ourselves now for the most important companies in the market, thus an emotional director out of Italy.