Play of the imagination

Dynamic and powerful. Exceptional, even inimitable. The technology is ingenious – a strong plastic self-levelling floor screed with a deep metallic gloss. The effect is absolutely sensational – Sensation® subtly takes on new forms. A continuous playing with forms that stimulates everybody’s imagination. This floor will surprise you over and over again. Sensation® is a
fascinating spectacle.

Exciting temperament

Dare. And opt for the power of a unique floor. Showroom, living room, studio, office or hotel,Sensation® is at home everywhere. Translate your style into Sensation® and choose the basic colour to suit your taste. Then be surprised by a scintillating play of light and movement.

Sensation® is exclusive, durable and very user-friendly. For comprehensive documentation, technical details and maintenance advice go to

The ultimate experience and optimum comfort come together in Sensation®.