Our requirements in terms of floors are no longer the same. Durable and maintenance friendly are still important, but we want more... Playful details and accents are high on our wish-list.

The Betonlook gravel floors meet these wishes. A Stonedesign floor has 1001 options in shape, design, and color. A fairytale room with an image of Snowwhite embedded in the floor? Or would you prefer your company logo? You design your own floor.

A Stonedesign floor is available with an open or closed structure. With an open structure, the stones appear to be applied loose on the ground. And with a closed structure, the space between the grit is filled with a special filling substance. Finally, a shiny or mat coating is applied. The charm of river gravel under your feet gives any space a warm and exclusive appearance. Release the designer within you. Get inspired in our exclusive showroom.

Would you like to learn more about this decorative floor? Please contact us. We are pleased to be of service.