The GEOX group also chooses Betonlook

The GEOX group Italy, producers of the well-known shoe brand GEOX," the shoe that breathes", has chosen for a completely contemporary radiance of her shops

The GEOX shops have got a new liquid tight Marmerstone® floor. Betonlook will ensure that they can distinguish themselves in their branch.

Marmerstone® is a totally new type stone floor covering, which made the heart of the GEOX management pounding with anticipation.
The floor is characterized by a special, but very natural radiance.

Marmerstone® is made of large marble blocks, which have been broken. The stones have been drummed up to polish the sharp edges. Afterwards they are mixed with plastics," whereby a mixture is produced, that is spreading seamlessly. The customer may choose from different usual colours, which all come from the natural colour of marble. The stone size is determined by the customer himself and varies from 4 mm grain up to 18 mm grain.

The thickness of this decking depends on the chosen stone size.
The management of GEOX is now speaking of a huge success: "We will surprise every visitor with such a floor", is their excited response.